Stamped Concrete Pool Deck s

"Have you ever seen concrete that looks like it rusted?" asks Matthew Donohue, a Batavia-based decorative painter. He has. He saw the ugly orange-gray-black splotches on the deck around a client’s.Decorative Concrete Pool Deck: What Is it? What are decorative concrete pool decks? Actually, these decks take the boring concrete look and functionality and put them into a more pleasing design. With the installation of the decorative concrete pool decks, a backyard pool can easily be changed into the private resort you only dreamed was possible.This view of the walkway is looking towards the hot tub area with the outdoor showers mounted on the left, barely visible against the stamped pattern on the concrete walls. The concrete walls are.3 Ideas for Stunning Stamped Concrete Pool Deck. Summertime in Oregon is the perfect (and only) time to enjoy hanging out by the pool. Whether you are sunbathing, swimming laps, or watching your kids splash around, you are spending substantial time on a pool deck.Render your concrete pool deck cool, textured and colored with our decorative swimming pool deck coating system. Packaged as a kit and easy-to-apply over your new or existing concrete deck, this.Pool decks are typically stamped concrete, aggregate or paver based substrates that greatly benefit from a wet look decorative sealer. Wet look sealers are typically solvent based acrylics that will immediately bring to life the appearance of a pool deck.With the help of Northwest Concrete Resurfacing, it can be. We are a decorative concrete company with over 20 years of professional experience in resurfacing and refinishing concrete pool decks,N.C., where Meg Perry started a decorative-concrete business last year after attending a seminar at the 2003 World of Concrete Convention. Ms. Perry, a 42-year-old former homemaker and onetime horse.So which is the better swimming pool patio material: pavers or stamped concrete? That’s currently the debate in the pool patio world. Both are durable, relatively affordable, and look great.That’s probably why consumers find them the two most popular options on the market today.Research Stamped Concrete Patterns, colors, cost, maintenance and more.. Stamping ideas for pool decks How to Stamp Concrete. local find local stamped concrete contractors. Photos of Stamped Concrete Pool Decks.